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Snowy Range Scenic Byway

Snowy Range Scenic Byway

Snowy Range Scenic Byway crosses the Medicine Bow Mountain Range of southern Wyoming, taking travelers close enough to Medicine Bow Peak to feel the chill from its year-round glaciers. Even deep into summer, it is easy to see how the Snowy Range got its name. Glistening white remnants of last winter’s blizzards cap the 12,000 ft peaks. The byway includes the 27 mile portion of WY Highway 130 that crosses the Medicine Bow National Forest.

The two-lane highway (WY 130) leads over the second highest mountain pass in Wyoming and takes the traveler from low-land sagebrush prairie to a high-altitude alpine environment. The many lakes and streams in the area are home to rainbow trout, brook trout and Wyoming’s only native trout, the cutthroat. Wildflowers carpet the alpine meadows throughout the summer.

A number of turn-outs allow the traveler to experience the mountains, whether it is listening to the marmots whistling amongst their community at Libby Flats, taking the short trail over a mountain stream at Lake Marie, or watching hummingbirds at the Brush Creek Visitor’s Center. Wildlife is abundant throughout the byway.

The seasonal pass usually opens by Memorial Day weekend and closes about mid-October. The Byway can be reached by exiting Interstate 80 at Laramie or at Walcott Junction and Saratoga/Encampment. Driving time depends on the interests of the visitor. Driving straight through during the summer will take about an hour. The route rises to a height of 10,847 ft above sea level.

Battle Highway Scenic Highway

Battle Highway Scenic Highway

Battle Highway Scenic Highway (WY Highway 70) goes from Encampment over the Sierra Madre Range within the Medicine Bow National Forest. Approximately 10 miles west of Encampment is the location of Battle, one of many ghost towns in the Sierra Madres, which also is home to the towns of Redefeha, Dillon, Rambler, and Copperton.

Two miles west of the Continental Divide is a turnout overlooking Battle Lake and a monument to Thomas A. Edison. While vacationing here in 1878, Edison threw a broken bamboo fishing pole in the fire and was intrigued by the way the frayed pieces glowed. These observations supposedly gave Edison the idea on how to develop his own design for the light bulb’s filament.

Another attraction of the Sierra Madres is the Aspen Alley. These large stands of quaking aspens moved into the region during the mining era. This particularly famous strand of beautifully flamboyant foliage is most beautiful in the fall and can be reached by turning north on Forest Road 801. The colors generally peak in late September.

From Saratoga, go south on Highway 130 to Highway 230 on to Encampment ( a quick 20 minute trip). From Encampment turn west on Battle Highway (Highway 70) across the Sierra Madre towards Baggs to go to “Aspen Alley” – a beautiful area filled with very tall aspen trees overarching a half mile stretch of dirt road. On Highway 70 leaving Encampment, travel west approximately 25 miles to Deep Creek Road (Forest Road 801). From there you will travel north just .8 miles which will lead right to Aspen Alley.


The Medicine Bow National Forest offers over 475 miles of trails for snowmobilers.  Snow depths can range from 2 ft to 12 ft! The combination of snowmobile and marked trails for skiing and snowshoeing make the Upper North Platte River Valley a winter destination.




Snowy Range Mountains, located between Encampment and Saratoga, have been consistently rated in the top 5 of “Top 15 Trails in the West” for snowmobiling by SnoWest magazine. The Snowy Range Trail System is maintained through cooperative efforts of the Wyoming Department of State Park & Cultural Resources – Division of State Parks & Historic Sites and the U.S. Forest Service.

There are 175 of groomed trails and 150 miles of ungroomed trails with signs, and several meadows have deep powder with snow depths of 12 ft possible. Public lands for snowmobiling with lodging and guided tours available make the Snowy Range Mountains an excellent destination for beginners and advanced snowmobilers. Elevations range from 7,000 to 11,000 ft, with season temperatures from November to May ranging from +30˚F to -30°F.

Sierra Madre Mountains are known for backcountry trails, and are also rated in the top greeen Snowmobile !ten of Wyoming’s top destinations by SnoWest. 50 miles of groom trails and 100 miles of ungroomed trails have snow depths ranging from 2 ft to 8 ft. Elevations range from 7,000 ft to 10,000 ft, with the snowmobile season going from November to April. Temperatures during this time range from +30˚F to -30°F. Trail maps are available through the Saratoga/Platte Valley Chamber of Commerce.


Cross-country skiiers and snowshoers can enjoy the Brush Creek Ski Trail and the Bottle Creek Ski Trail in the Sierra Madre Mountains, just minutes from Encampment. Snow machines are prohibited from both trails, and they are maintained for those who enjoy the quiet and serenity of the forest. The trails are laid out in a series of loops ranging in length so you can plan your adventure. With names like “Starvation Trail” and “Windy Point,” you can count on a great experience. Maps showing the direction of difficult slopes and the mileage are available at the Chamber and the USFS Ranger Station.

Groomed trails for cross country skiers and snowmobilers in the Snowy Range Mountains and Sierra Madre Mountains exceed 300 miles, and with an annual snowfall of over 20 ft, there is sure to be plenty of powder for everyone.

Information on travel restrictions, OSV registrations and trail closures may also be found on the Medicine Bow National Forest website.



Restaurants and lodges are located on the Snowy Range in Ryan Park for snowmobilers to stop and get something to eat and drink or spend the night. You can drive your snowmobile right up to the restaurants and lodges. While there are no restaurants or lodges currently in the Sierra Madre Mountains, Encampment is only a few miles away and offers food and lodging.

photo right: The Rendezvous Lodge



Good News in the “Good Times Valley”

  • SnoWest Magazine “Top 15 Trails in the West” Snowy Range #6 in 2013 (top 6 since 2003)
  • SnoWest Magazine “Top 15 Trails in Wyoming” Snowy Range #3, Sierra Madre #9 (top 10 since 2003)



Snowy Range and Sierra Madre Mountains offer 44 hiking trails for the novice and experienced hiker. The trails vary from .2 miles to 45.9 miles and range from easy, like the short, comfortable terraiFlowers-Hike n at the Indian Bathtubs or picturesque Lake Marie Falls, to difficult, such as the Bottle Creek or Platte Ridge runs. Most hiking trails are above 8,000 ft, so we encourage you to dress appropriately. Hiking in the mountains allows you see things that you can’t see from a car!

The Continental Divide Trail is unique to the Sierra Madre Range. It is part of the 2500 mile Great Divide Mountain Bike Route that follows the Continental Divide from the Canadian border to Mexico. This trail climbs above 10,000 ft with some of the best vistas in Carbon County. Many historical buildings, remnants of the mining era, offer extra excitement. The trail can be accessed from the north near the historic town of Battle via Hwy 70.



Those following the TransAmerica cycling route, a route that traverses the United States from Oregon to Virginia, will know this area as Section 6, which begins in Rawlins, Wyoming and ends in Pueblo, Colorado. This 391-mile stretch takes you from the rolling plains of south-central Wyoming, through the Upper North Platte Valley of Saratoga and Riverside and down the Rockies through Walden, Kremmling and Breckenridge. Just past this point, you’ll climb over Hoosier Pass, gaining 1500′ elevation within 10 miles to the highest part of the TransAmerica Trail, elevation 11, 542′! Royal Gorge and Canyon City are next, with the ride ending in Pueblo, the halfway point of the TransAmerica Trail. Overall, you’ll experience high desert, snow-capped mountain passes, breathtaking visas, rolling plains, and sweet, unique small-town America at its best.

The Platte Valley hosts hundreds of cyclists as individuals and small groups, to large groups of rally riders and tours. Bicycle Tour of Colorado recently rode the Snowy Range and Battle Highway passes as part of their first ride into Wyoming. Charitable groups such as Wyoming Cares and Tour de Wyoming find the Valley a favorite destination.


Good News in the “Good Times Valley”

101 Best Outdoor Towns: Unspoiled Places to Visit, Live & Play (1st edition, 2007)

Fishing on the North Platte River is a treat for both novices and experts.  Hunting in the Platte Valley is exceptional, and with abundant numbers of antelope, deer and elk, your chances of bagging some big game are excellent.  With a variety of terrain and the cool mountain weather, the Platte Valley provides the idea habitat for all kinds of animals.  As the North Platte flows through our valley, the diverse terrain of Wyoming is apparent, changing from alpine mountains to high-desert plains in less than 70 miles.  Wildlife is abundant, including deer, antelope, big horn sheep, elk, bald eagles and blue herons, just to name a few. Look for topography maps published by the BLM and the North Platte River float map by WY Game & Fish.




The North Platte River is one of the few rivers that flows north, and more than 65 miles have been designated as a “Blue Ribbon” trout fishery by the Wyoming Game and Fish Department. There are more than 3,200 fish per mile, and with ratings among the highest for productivity, availability and aesthetics, the North Platte is well deserving of the “Blue Ribbon” title. Implementing a “fishing slot” limit, the North Platte River has returned to a natural state, enhanced by the fact that the North Platte is not damned for 141 miles, creating the longest freestone river in Wyoming.

If you’ve been fishing on the North Platte and you yearn for a slightly smaller river, some hiking, and a little bit more remote experience, head to the Encampment River – a remarkable river with a mountain feel to it. The Encampment River starts in Colorado, winding northwest then north, flowing through its own canyon before reaching the towns of Encampment and Riverside and merging with the North Platte. One of the best things about this stream is remoteness. Find yourself in the middle of the wilderness area, and you can bet that there will be no one else around, and the fish are waiting to be caught! The river banks vary from 20′ to 50′ wide and are not too deep, so waders are a must.

Spin fisherman are encouraged to visit mid-June through July, while fly fishing is best from mid-July through the fall. In Wyoming, it is important to remember that the water surrounded by and over private land is public, and the river banks and river bottom are considered private property. Although there are many public access areas along the North Platte, many people hire the services of a local outfitter for the ultimate fishing experience.

Not a sportsman? Floating the river to view and enjoy the abundant wildlife and birds can be just as fun. Whether you use an intertube (recommended later in the season) or a rubber raft, folks of all ages and abilities enjoy the cool river waters.



Hunting in the Platte Valley is exceptional, and with abundant numbers of antelope, mule deer, white-tailed deer, moose and elk, your chances of bagging some big game are excellent. With a variety of terrain and the cool mountain weather, the Platte Valley provides the idea habitat for all kinds of animals. As the North Platte flows through our valley, the diverse terrain of Wyoming is apparent, changing from alpine mountains to high-desert plains in less than 70 miles. You will find coyote, rabbits, prairie dogs and other small game in most of the area, too.

Outfitters in the area offer hunting trips and will help you complete all the necessary paper work for out-of-state hunters. Working with an outfitting businesses is a great way to take advantage of someone who knows the lay of the land and has scouted the area already.

Although the deadlines vary, most license applications are due by February 1st of each year.

photo credit: Rocky Mountain Elk Bull | Michel Hersen



There is very good hunting for antelope, deer and elk on the considerable public land in the area, including the Medicine Bow National Forest and lands controlled by the Bureau of Land Management. For more detailed hunt area maps of public vs. private land you may visit the Bureau of Land Managementwebsite. In addition, for regulations, season dates, and maps of designated areas, you may visit the Wyoming Game and Fish website and plan your hunt. Look for the WGFG Regulations under the Hunting Applications heading.


Elk hunting and deer hunting on private land is usually contracted out to a professional outfitter . See our membership directory for a list of outfitters.

Below is a list of private landowners in the Saratoga and Encampment areas who currently allow unguided antelope hunting on their land and charge a trespass fee.

Antelope Area 50
Bob Johnson
PO Box 63, Elk Mountain, WY 82324

Antelope Area 52
William Hill
PO Box 1343, Saratoga, WY 82331

Antelope Area 51
Charles Anderson


Good News from the “Good Times Valley”

  • Wyoming Wildlife Magazine “Using Predators for Progress” (March 2019)
  • Boone and Crocket Club “Top 125 Trophy Counties" Carbon County ranked #1 (October 2012)
  • Outdoor Life Magazine “35 Best Hunting and Fishing Towns in the US” Saratoga #10 (2012)
  • Outdoor Life Magazine “Top 200 Towns for Sportsmen” Saratoga, WY ranked #5 in 2011, #8 in 2010, #17 in 2009
  • Northwest Fly Fishing Magazine (Sept/Oct, 2009)
  • Dallas News (August 16, 2009)


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