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new hot pool bath house, Saratoga Hot Springs

The Saratoga “Hobo Hot Pool” is a favorite among locals and visitors alike.  Open 24 hours a day all year, seven days a week, and FREE to the public, the pool is owned and maintained by the Town of Saratoga.  The bath house is complete  with showers and restroom facilities at the Hot Springs. 

The Rancher's Wife's Photography, kids in hot pool, Saratoga Wyoming

The Rancher's Wife's Photography, not-so-hot pool Saratoga, Wyoming

The Rancher’s Wife’s Photography

The addition of a “not-so-hot” pool has greatly increased the enjoyment of the facility.  This smaller pool has an average temperature of 100°.  This is perfect for younger children or  those who just prefer a slightly cooler temperature.

Original inhabitants of the Valley, the historical hot pool Saratoga, WyomingAmerican Indians, used the hot springs as a neutral area and believed that the hot springs had a healing power.  The hot pool averages around 106° F from its coolest part to 119° F to its warmest part of the pool.  The pool is now used as a place to relax and enjoy.

historical hot pool Saratoga, Wyoming


The Saratoga Municipal Swimming Pool, one of the few remaining outdoor pools in Wyoming, is located adjacent to the Hobo Pool.  The municipal pool is open seasonally from late May until early September.  For swimming pool hours and swim rates, please contact the Town of Saratoga 307-326-8335.

DCF 1.0The hot pool and swimming pool are located on Walnut Street.  From First Street (Hwy 130), turn east on Walnut.  Go two blocks to the end of road.  You will see the swimming pool building in front, and there are sidewalks on each side of this building that lead to the Hobo Pool directly behind the swimming pool.

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